Update of July 25th: LordToken Exchange is migrating to Davensi platform

Update of July 25th: LordToken Exchange is migrating to Davensi platform

Dear Community,

We’ve heard your concerns and questions.

Please find below our July 25th update : 


1/ Can you recap Davensi project and the place of LordToken Exchange in your new platform ?


Our company’s project is Davensi, a crypto-banking platform, that embodies a larger vision and ambition than a centralized exchange. The relevance of our strategic pivot, initiated last summer, is confirmed by the industry trends observed over the last months : major Centralized Exchanges are in trouble (crypto exchanges shutdown and layoffs). 

By transcending traditional and digital finance boundaries, our platform is set to revolutionize the wealth experience, offering advanced smart trading tools and access to vast pools of liquidity through DeFi investment strategies. This evolution will meet the needs of individual users, as well as the needs of professional wealth managers, making Davensi a complete and inclusive platform.

This ambition requires a massive amount of fintech expertise and a thoughtful strategization, with huge regulatory constraints, especially in a context of uncertainty of the crypto market.

The LordToken exchange functionalities will be progressively disabled (trading then withdrawal) from September 7th to September 22nd, 2023. 

On the Davensi platform, DV Exchange is scheduled to launch in mid-January 2024, as an enhanced version of LordToken exchange with new functionalities. As a start, DV Exchange liquidity will continue to work with the liquidity of Binance, and we are already working on the extension to major centralized exchanges.

2/ Why do you have to proceed to the withdrawal of your assets by yourself ?


Since the inception of our platform, we've been utilizing Binance Cloud that holds the custody of your wallets. Therefore, we do not have the authority to move your funds. 

This is why we invite all users to manually withdraw their assets from our platform. By doing so, you retain full control and ownership of your assets, in alignment with our commitment to empowering you with financial sovereignty and control.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in the migration process, whose planning and timetable have been negotiated in the best interests of our users, taking into account the terms of our partnership with Binance Cloud.

Below, you will find step-by-step tutorials on how to move your LTT and other crypto assets to your personal Metamask wallet or Trust Wallet:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team by email : contact@lordtoken.com


V2 LordToken Exchange is migrating to Davensi platformJuly 25th


3/ What are the advantages of holding LTT in your wallet in the Davensi platform? 


First, we need a token that fits with the ambition of our platform, and for that we have to evolve the LTT. The work on this subject is currently ongoing, we will inform you once it’s ready. 

In the meantime, be assured that LTT holders are valuable partners in the growth of our global project. This is why, LTT holders will benefit from exclusive privileges (bonus services, subscription plan reduction and fees reduction,...)  that we are refining considering the numerous business implications.

A specific treatment is planned for you, LTT holders, when you will be joining Davensi officially, and we will reach out to you in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


4/ Features Update


⭐Saving Feature:

From now on, users can freely claim their LTT of the Savings feature. It is important to note that users can no longer acquire additional LTTs rewards, even if they choose to keep their LTTs in the savings function.

⭐Cashback feature: 

You can lock your LTTs for a duration of 30 days and benefit from a transaction fee discount of up to 35%. Please be aware that the final date to add more LTT to this feature is July 30th.

⭐ No LTT withdrawal fees: 

Additionally, we are currently working with Binance Cloud to remove the LTT withdrawal fees, reducing them from 3.01 LTT to 0.0 LTT during the month of August.


We invite you to reach the website www.davensi.com and connect with our social media through this Linktree in order to discover more about Davensi and to get the latest news:


Furthermore, we invite you to watch our latest video from July 20th 

Best regards,

Sopheap Lao, CEO of Davensi

Davensi | Jul 24, 2023