Trading Services No Longer Available on LordToken

Trading Services No Longer Available on LordToken

Dear Lords


We're reaching out with a crucial update regarding the future of the LordToken platform.


As previously announced, we inform you that trading functionalities are no longer operational on the LordToken platform. However, withdrawals will continue until September 22th.

If you have used the Cashback or Savings function in the past, you may have remaining LTTs in those features, don’t forget to claim those assets.

Please note that these 2 functionalities are not accessible from the mobile application, and must be accessed via the website.


🚨 Action Required: If you still have assets within your LordToken exchange account, we urgently request you to initiate a withdrawal of these assets as soon as possible toward a personal wallet that you solely control, such as Metamask or Trustwallet.

A tutorial is available for you here to retrieve any asset to your personal Metamask or Trust Wallet.

For assistance, email us at


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

The LordToken team

Davensi | Sep 11, 2023